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The traditional eight-to-five, cubicle-dwelling accounting job is dying. Just like a host of other occupations, accounting is becoming a profession that is mobile, technology-enabled, and often project-specific. 

The "gig economy" - know for its cadre of workers who desire flexibility in schedules, work location, and even variety in their employers - can be of benefit both to the employee and the employer.  Read more

When selecting a new accounting system, one of the most critical factors in your decision will be whether you choose cloud accounting vs on-premise accounting

Cloud-based systems have become much more popular in recent years—especially among small to midsize businesses–but there are many reasons why a firm might choose a traditional, on-premise system.

The biggest difference between these two systems is how they are deployed.

            Cloud-based software is hosted on the vendor’s servers and accessed through a Web browser.


            On-premise software is installed locally, on a company’s own computers and servers.

Comparing cloud-based software and On-premise software

Cloud-based System

QuickBooks Online Simple Start

RM53.00Regular PriceRM26.50Sale Price

QuickBooks Online Essentials

RM75.00Regular PriceRM37.50Sale Price

QuickBooks Online Plus

RM98.00Regular PriceRM49.00Sale Price

PayrollPanda Online Payroll

On-Premise System

QuickBooks Desktop 2020 Pro

RM2,200.00Regular PriceRM1,899.00Sale Price

QuickBooks Desktop 2020 Premier

RM4,000.00Regular PriceRM3,899.00Sale Price

QuickBooks Desktop 2020 Enterprise

ExpressPay Pro Payroll


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