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Organize job costs by vendor and see who still needs to be paid. Create job estimates and track change orders. Analyze profitability from a task level with customized job cost reports.

QuickBooks Enterprise for Contractors

Your end-to-end solution for constructions projects, from initial estimates to professional quotes to tracking throughout.

Frequently asked questions

What can I order on Misha ?

You can order utility bills payment e.g. electricity, broadband or water bills, phone recharges, book flight or train tickets, order groceries, medicines, cabs or electronics etc. Basically anything which can be done online. Misha currently supports online services in India only.

How much does Misha cost ?

Misha has a monthly subscription plan of ₹200/month that includes 10 tasks or a per-task plan that charges at ₹25 for each task. Any incoming request (e.g. booking a cab or paying a utility bill etc) is considered a task. There is no charge if the service requested is unavailable in your city.

How quickly will I get things after I make a request?

After taking your request, Misha works with the service provider to place the order as soon as possible. Once it gets fullfilled by Misha, you will get an acknowledgement. The service provider will take its time for delivering the order.

How can I register for Misha ?

Misha is providing early access to users on first come first basis. You need to fill the early access form, if we have a spot available we will connect with you, otherwise we will put your request in a waitlist, and will get back to you once we have a spot for you.

Where is Misha available?

Services of Misha can be availed from anywhere in India. Misha can be used to get anything as long as the online service requested is available in your city.


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