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Quickpro Solutions Sdn Bhd. was founded back in year 1998, When business computing started in use in the business spaces, she starts to develop Small Business Accounting businesses with the mission to help accounting executors and accountants to simplify and automate their daily accounting processes.


With more than 20 years consulting and training experiences in providing business solutions, we are one of the pioneer in Small Business Accounting business solution provider in Malaysia.


Business Process Consultation. Our expert review your current processes, and we will identify and prioritise where you can improve to gain efficiencies in your business by using our business solutions.

Our industry-driven solutions will help us to understand more about your business and complexity of your business flows. However, we would be able to provide a scalable services and solutions that tailored to your business needs.

We offer free consultation services for all new client.


Product Demonstrations. To help build a strong business case for further investment in our solutions, we provide demonstrations that enable clients to experience the tangible benefits that can be achieved through using our business solutions.

Our demonstration are based on on-demand basis, 

could be conducted onsite or online.


Implementation and Deployment. We create a detailed plan of implementation that prioritises our products and solutions for maximum benefit and business outcomes. Gain a foundation for rapid deployment of application and expansion.


Training Services. We offer a range of training courses to help you get the most out of the solutions. Our training courses are designed to ensure successful deployment and optimal utilisation of the solutions, which we focus on:

  • Gaining a rapid grasp of the solution

  • Full functional knowledge

  • Complete autonomy for users

Our training programs are designed per line of business and are tailored to your needs. The programs are adapted according to the operation and availability of your terms:

  • Standard Training - We offer free start-up training for users to get familiar with the solutions where their requirements are standard. 

  • Customised Training - We offer paid customised training for company that have more complicated workflows and requires more customisation in their solutions, such as manufacturing industry.  


Support Services. We provide unlimited* support for any issues arise using our products and solutions. Our team is ready and available to answer questions, log-in remotely, and get you up and running FAST. And if you need onsite service, we'll come to you.

Here are the dedicated support services we provide to clients:

  • Remote support - based on monthly subscription basis, covers nationwide within Malaysia      ​​

  • Onsite support - based on ad-hoc basis, covers only Klang Valley

Our support services are based on 8 x 5 x Next Business Day with target resolution time of Next Business Day.


Upgrade and Migration Services. To help keep your systems running at their optimal level and prevent avoidable tech challenges, we plan solutions to help clients to upgrade and migrate to newer version or platform seamlessly.