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We are pleased to announce that SST updates is ready for download.


Not all companies are subjected to SST, if you haven’treceived email confirmation from Customs, you are supposed to check it out yourself on the MySST website.


All companies there are subject to SST are listed on MYSST website.

About this updates:

  • added Sales and service tax codes , tax items and tax agency for SST- Jabatan Kastam Diraja - SST

  • you just need to click on the link we provide to install latest GSTMSIA

As usual you need to run verify QuickBooks to add the codes to QuickBooks.

This updates is free if your company still under our monthly subscription plan other wise you need to extend your subscription for at least 6 months to entitle for this updates.


As not all companies need this updates.

Kindly let us know by clicking below button and filling up the contact form if you want to subscribe, we will only send download link to those who requested.

Please Take Note: 

This round of updates is only forset up and does not cover tax reports , online form and audit file.

Report in QuickBooks to refer for SST filing:

Under sales tax: Tax agency summary report, select : Jabatan Kastam diraja Malaysia-SST .

Then manually enter amount in MYSST portal to submit and pay.

You don’t need to use GSTMSIA to process tax payment

"File tax return” in Quickbooks is still required to do to close the period and make payment.

If you are not subjected to SST:

  • Just use "NON" code in all your transactions.

  • And you have to keep GST GAF file as of 31st August 2018 for audit purpose. Just generate and keep in your document .